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Overall Review Rating: 5 / 5 based on 79 Reviews



Steve, thanks for being so patient and putting up with me! You're a really good instructor and absolutely psychic in making me do my left reverse around the corner and hill start in exactly the same place that I then got them on my test!!


Steve, thanks so much for pushing me during my lessons and for being very informative when you taught me. You never panicked or shouted if things went wrong like some instructors do, you remained calm throughout. I'd recommend you and OMG I'm Driving to everyone


Steve, great instruction, you teach really well and know what you're talking about, what I liked was that you always had a laugh but pushed me all along the way, not too hard but enough to keep it interesting and made me look forward to all my lessons. You never held me back and encouraged me to take my test as soon as a I was ready


Steve, you were brilliant. Thanks for being such a good instructor and a real good laugh to be with. You taught me such a lot and I'd recommend you and OMG I'm Driving to everyone


Steve, I'm so happy that I passed, everything that you did was perfect, don't change anything that you do or teach, I always looked forward to my lessons and I've learnt so much with you. You told me to put in for my test just at the right time, when I was ready for it and you didn't hold me back


Steve, thanks for being such a fab instructor and all the patience and all the help that you gave me with my lessons


Steve, thanks for making my lessons tailored for me and pushing me to pass my test, you went at a pace that suited me and I never felt that you were going too fast or holding me back. I can't believe I passed so quick and one of my mates thinks it was really quick as well


Steve, thanks for all your patience and help getting me through my test. I've already recommended you and OMG I'm Driving to someone and would to anyone


Steve, thanks very much for making my lessons fun and enjoyable all the time. I learned a lot on each lesson and looked forward to each lesson. You taught me at a pace that wasn't too fast and I was able to learn easily


Steve, thanks so much for all your patience when teaching me and also for tailoring my lessons to my needs. It's been great and I've really enjoyed it.


Steve, thanks very much mate, your a really great instructor and I appreciate all your help. You were very persistent and never let anything go. If anything went wrong we went back over it straight away and put it right. I recommend you to everyone and OMG is amazing...spread the word!! Lol


Steve, I'm glad I chose OMG I'm Driving, you were very professional and kept pushing me all the time but not too fast so that I couldn't cope. I really don't thin I could have passed my test so fast with anyone else


Hi Steve, would like to thank you for all your expertise and knowledge in the driving lessons we had. You were very professional, reassuring and supportive of me. I've certainly enjoyed the chats we've had (mainly footy!) I've been to collect my new car today today, had to have my missus as a "Steve Dummy" while driving it home πŸ˜€ many thanks again. David


Steve, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I always listened to you when you told me what was wrong and today I WAS ON FIRE!!!


Steve, thanks very much for getting me through my test first time. Once I'd got my confidence up I really enjoyed my lessons and used to think "great I've got a lesson," when they were due. We've had a good laugh and put the worlds to rights about the Wolves and Burton Albion. I'd certainly recommend you and OMG I'm Driving to everyone. Matt


Steve, thanks very much for teaching me to drive, I really enjoyed it and you pushed me on and didn't hold me back, it's been great, I didn't realise who hard the test was before I started!!!


Steve, what can I say! Absolutely brilliant time with you..Really enjoyed it and all I can say is 10 out of 10 for everything you taught me. I'd recommend you to everyone wanting to learn to drive


Steve, you're absolutely fantastic and your patience levels are too. Patience is a virtue. I really enjoyed it with you and I felt dead comfortable today on test. I'd definitely recommend you to everyone


Hi Steve, thanks for getting me through my test. I've really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from you. You got on with it and pushed me and didn't hold me back unlike some of my mates who have been with other instructors who do. A couple of my mates have tried to get with you but as your so busy they haven't been able to get in with you. They've managed to get in with Dave the other OMG instructor. I've told them it doesn't matter which one of you they go with as your both really good instructors.


Steve, thank you for getting me through my test and dealing with my nerves, I've learnt a lot of new skills and my test went really quick as well. I'd definitely recommend you to everyone and if I can get my mum behind the wheel I'll know where to come!!!

Also, here’s what just a few of our students have said about us recently on our Facebook Page…

Thanks so much for teaching me to drive mate, you’ve been a brilliant tutor. He’s patient and friendly but always tries to push you to improve with each lesson. Lessons were enjoyable and any problems I had, David always found ways to overcome them. Thanks so much again and I would HIGHLY recommend you as an instructor to any of my mates πŸ˜€

Jack Wilde

Thank you sooo much for getting me through my driving test and PASSED 1ST TIME. Fantastic driving instructor, so patient, calm and friendly.
I will highly recommend. THANKS DAVE:)

Marta Szlendak

Cheers DAVE for makeing me pass first time πŸ™‚ c you around

Nathan Lester

THANK YOU DAVE!!!! So glad i eventually got to do my test and surprisingly passed – Thanks for being so patient with me and my erratic driving skills and odd reasoning for my actions πŸ™‚ See you around xx

Sam Foster

thankyou for helping me pass 1st time, i know i scared you a little bit but it was worth every penny! thanks again x

Carrie Worth

Thanks sooo much for getting me through my driving test πŸ˜€ really coudnt do it without you, so PATIENT and CALM unlike u know who hahaaa! Great teacher, definatley will recommend you πŸ™‚ Thanks again… and c you around πŸ™‚ x

Farrah Elliott

Superb instructor!! Amazingly patient and professional. Soon I understood that he knew me better than I knew myself! Excellent as a teacher but also supportive as a friend. It was a pleasure to be his trainee. Get ready, Dave my wife is next, LOL!

Tomasz Szwedowski

Β Thanks for everything πŸ™‚ 1st time πŸ˜€ xx

Sophie Fox

thanks for getting me throu my lessons and test bet you’ve got a few grey hairs lol fantastic instructor

Stef Wainwright

thankyou for getting me passed first time dont no how i managed it with that bay park!!!excellent driving instructor would 100% recommend

Lori Jade Kimberlin

Thankyou for gettin me passed first time in such a short space of time, only 2 months!!!!!!!!! Great driving instructor, cheers dave! πŸ™‚

Josh Phipps

Thank you for putting up with my sometimes AWFUL driving but I finally got there and passed πŸ˜€ you were a friendly and always encouraging driving instructor! Even after my bad weeks you made me feel confident again that I will do better next time. Will promise to keep the speed down and get my sister to ring you as soon as she’s 17! πŸ™‚

Kathryn Moss

thank you soooo soooo very muchly for being so patient with me and being such an amazing driving instructor, and thank you for gettin me through my test and 1ST TIME PASSED too… :o) thank you again. :o)

Hollie Wheeldon