New website to help road users improve their skills

New website to help road users improve their skills

A new website designed to help road users develop and improve their driving and riding skills has been launched.

Driving Standards Agency

Driving Standards Agency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Safe Driving for Life ( has been developed by DSA in partnership with its official publishers, TSO.

Interesting and interactive material

The website is a one-stop information resource which will be rolled out in 4 phases. It will hold useful, interesting and interactive material for:

  •     learners
  •     experienced drivers and riders
  •     instructors
  •     professional drivers and riders

Phase 1 includes:

  •     the learners’ section
  •     Safe Driving for Life shop
  •     practice theory tests for car, motorbike, LGV and PCV
  •     a suitability tool for people to test whether they’re cut out to be an ADI

Developing the site

The remaining 3 phases will all be launched by this August 2013, but the DSA will continue to develop the website beyond that, according to users’ needs and interests.

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